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Picture with 12.000 "Mosaic-Stone-Pictures"
in 99 Welt Mosaic Books !
Welt Mosaik - Die Globale Art
World Mosaic Video English and Dänish! (Video in Deutsch)
Video Info: music, editor, director of Frank Hercher! Text, images from TIAN GREEN! Posted on Youtube and DailyMotion!
Welt Mosaik BildFor people of all countries of birth - G200 from the Earth!
Global awareness, tolerance and humanity for a common world!  
Since 2006, creating the world mosaic Artist TIAN GREEN "Mosaic-stone-pictures"!
"Mosaic-Stone-Pictures" are handpainted glasmosaicstones 2x2 cm od. 2,5x2,5 cm!
How do you get your "Mosaic-stone-picture"?
Answer can be found in the joy of tasks and talents!
The "Mosaic-Stone-Pictues" passed to people all country of birth!
The already passed "mosaic-stone-pictures" you'll find in the Creative World Mosaic Community!
Each human beeing comes into this world with central talents! Each human beeing is unique, is spezial! Each talent is like an image, that you carry inside of you! A "mosaic-stone-picture" which make the world complete! Feel and choose your picture NOW! Live your talent and follow your love, your confidence, your joy and your courage! They are companions of your life!
Since 2006, the create, World Mosaic Artist TIAN GREEN, mosaic-stone-pictures! "Mosaic-Stone-Pictures" are unique hand painted glass mosaic tiles 2x2 cm or 2,5 x 2, 5 cm, ... by Christian Grünberger. Each individual, sovereign "mosaic-stone-pictures" is a work of art in itself, its own universe, a microcosm. Together they form a World Mosaic Picture! To live in love, trust, joy and courage! That is the message that each "MOSAIC-STONE-PICTURE" sends itself and the global picture. The purpose of each stone mosaic images, a network of people who start to buy (have begun) to make their own way. They experience ups and downs gain experience, they learn to feel themselves more and more to meet themselves. They discover and recognize, accept them in their talents, talents, abilities, potentials, etc., which they carry with love, faith, joy and courage to try, learn, initiate, and create. The vision: With all these gifts, talents, abilities to live effortlessly and with ease in love, trust, joy and courage. This network covers the entire world, it touches and enriches those who wish to open up to unconditional self-love, self-confidence, self-pleasure and self-conscious for his courage and work. The passed "mosaic-stone-pictures" you'll find in the Creative World Mosaic Community!
The world mosaic citizens!  
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