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Welt Mosaik
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From 2009 to 2039, the world mosaic painter TIAN GREEN (Christian Grünberger) will create 12,000 "Mosaic-Stone-Pictures"! 

"Mosaic-Stone-Pictures" are hand-painted glass mosaic stones 2 x 2 cm or 2.5 x 2.5 cm. Every single, sovereign "Mosaic-Stone-Picture" is a work of art, its own universe, a microcosm.
99 Welt Mosaik Bücher Tian Green 2009-2039 
The 12.000 "Mosaic-Stone-Pictures" are in


Welt Mosaik Bild

All 12.000 "Mosaic-Stone-Pictures"
make together a bigger

Geburtsländer Übersicht Welt Mosaik Tian Green 2009-2039
"Mosaic-Stone-Pictures" passed to people
all countries of birth of the Earth,
which at least

Wie bekommst du eins von 12.000 Mosaik-Stein-Bilder!
How do you get a "Mosaic-Stone-Picture"?
Nationalität Planet Erde
Global consciousness,
Tolerance and humanity
for a world with
Nationalität Planet Erde!
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People united in the World Mosaic 2009 - 2039!

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